Claims & Administrative Expertise

As we continue working to provide you the best service possible, it’s our pleasure to introduce online appointment bookings. Here you can schedule a free estimate for hail damage or other paintless dent repair services. You will be able to choose the best time to drop-off your vehicle for repairs or even schedule a time with our Mobile Estimating Service. Our new Mobile Estimating Service allows you to have flexibility in your schedule because our team will come to you.

Typically, we offer our services in far less time than conventional body shop repair, where panels need to be replaced and repainted.

If you're the owner of a hail damaged car book online or call (800) 478-0216 for a free paintless dent repair estimate today! Don't see the service you're looking for? Ask us!

Let Dent Master Handle Your Next Weather Event
Dent Master works with the nations largest and smallest insurance companies to manage weather events. Not only do we have extremely skilled technicians that can repair vehicles to its pre-storm condition, we are also skilled with handling different types of claims, from both hail and wind damage. We have skilled appraisers and IA’s that work with insurance companies to ease the stress of post-storm event damage. We are the best choice for turnkey hail claims management, from coordination of designated repair facilities to on-site appraisals and comprehensive claims adjudication, all the way through vehicle restoration. Dent Master can do it all.
When it comes to catastrophic events, we have years of experience and know what we are doing.

Dent Master is Ready for a Storm

Dent Master proactively monitors all weather events. Before the storm even happens, we are watching, waiting, and ready to hit the road. We know when to expect a storm and where to expect a storm, we are there before most even know a weather event happened.

We are Only a Call Away

Dent Master has 24/7 phone lines that are always ready to send a team out to help all our clients in need. Just give us a call and we will assist in handling your entire weather event.

Nationwide Rapid Deployment

Dent Master is a national company that have adjusters, site managers, and repair technicians all over the United States, this means we are fast to action and ready to have someone at the weather event site as soon as it happens.

Claims Communications Get Handled

Our Call Center is open to phone calls from all people involved in claims. There is open communication between policyholders, appraisers, insurance adjusters, and/or technicians.

On-site Repair Center Coordination

After a weather event, Dent Master sets up on site repair centers. We handle all repairs and at sites that are approved by the insurance companies to ease the stress.

Expert Appraisals and Repair

Dent Master handles the complete claims process and repairs. We are truly a one stop shop for all hail and wind events. We take care of the complete claims adjudication process, from the initial appraisal to the last supplemental claim, and all the repairs. Working with one business for the entire process helps ease the stress on all parties involved.

National Lifetime Warranties and Happy Customers

Dent Master strives to have all clients we work with leave a happy customer. Not only do we repair vehicles to its original condition, we offer National Lifetime Warranties on all our work. Our customers can rest easy knowing that their car was repaired and if on the rare chance any problems arise, we will fix it for them.